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Vot 80 Watt Inverter Very Useful

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This inverter plugs into a 12V vehicle power source and provides enough 120V power for a laptop computer, battery charger, radio, game consoles, etc. It also has a 5V USB power source.

After looking at inverters a number of times and always deciding that I didn’t need one, I finally decided to buy this one. It proved very useful on my most recent trip, and I’m glad that I have it.

Most of the higher voltage inverters have to be clipped to the car battery. This one just plugs into the lighter (12V power plug), but only delivers up to 80 watts of power. In the back of the inverter is an ordinary 3-prong outlet. It does stick out from the lighter plug about 3 inches. The silver areas on the sides are ventilation, and these need to be kept free of obstruction to prevent overheating. A green light tells you that the power is on. There is a fan that runs and makes a small amount of noise. It has a replaceable fuse.

In my car it is quite close to the shift lever. Not exactly a tight fit, but I wouldn’t want it to be much more crowded. I used this several times in the evening to power my laptop so that I could make notes about the day’s hike, and once for the Energizer battery charger.

Both the 120V and USB outlets have rubber covers that have a soft hinge attaching them to the inverter.

It is a modified sine wave inverter which means that it may cause a hum when used with a radio or sound system. They can be a problem with timing devices or variable speed tools, and some battery chargers. It worked fine with mine.

The only drawbacks are not really with the product itself, but apply to all power inverters. Just educate yourself about how to use them properly.

You might be tempted to try to power higher voltage appliances. This can damage the appliance. Be sure you look at the voltage of the item you want to use. Also consider that there is a starting load that can be up to twice the voltage that is required for running it.

These chargers can drain your car battery if used for a long time when the car is not running. But for light-duty use they really solve a lot of remote location power problems.

The other issue applies to older vehicles. Most modern cars supply power to the lighter or 12V power outlets all the time. My car is 10 years old and the key must be in the on position to send power to the outlet.

30 day warranty. Made in China