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Vtech Learning Laptop 4 Years

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By 999frights on
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The Vtech Learning Laptop for kids four and up is a great learning toy. My daughter always wants to play with our laptop. We took her to the store and this is what she picked out. She is three, but wanted this because "it's like daddy's laptop."

It is mostly too advance for her, but she still enjoys playing with it. There is a music section, where she can press keys on the keyboard to make music. She really loves this feature and can even pick it out on the menu option and knows just how to get to that section. She can also do the sections on shapes, bigger vs smaller, and smaller vs. bigger. I like that she can bang away on this and not mess it up, or my laptop. It also comes with a mouse and she actually does really well with it. You do not have to use the mouse to play with this, though.

Some learning activities that are too advanced for her, but she will grow into are letters and math. On the letters, some of the activities have you pick out letters. She has played some of these, but we have to tell her which keys to press. The math has a counting section, which she can do. It also has addition and subtraction. One of the games I think she will enjoy when she is a little older is a game called Perfect 10. It gives numbers, like 9+0 and 7+3 and the child is to pick the one that equals 10.

There are 40 activities on this learning laptop. The only reason I don't give it a 5 is because I believe the screen should be a little bigger and maybe some color, but for $29.99 I shouldn't complain. This is a great buy.