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Vtech V.Smile Pocket Handheld System, Pink

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By armyniece on
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The VSmile Pocket is a handheld game for younger kids similar to the GameBoy and Nintendo DS. However the VSmile has some advantages over the other more commonly known game systems. The first and I think the most important one is that it is educational. All of the games for the VSmile VPocket are based on popular cartoon characters so that kids want to play it (I've seen this with my little sister) but they teach them all kind of math, reading, shape, alphabet skills. My little sister has played on hers for hours and hours. Another thing that is neat about the VSmile Pocket is that it will hook up to the TV with an RCA cable (that comes with the system) and you can play it on the TV screen. My mom was trying to decide between the big VSmile system and the handheld one and when she found out that the little one could be played in the car and at home on the TV, she decided that one would be a smarter buy.

What I don't like about this handheld system is that the graphics don't even come close to the other more well known systems like the DS and the PSP. While if you keep your child where she doesn't know about the others, they'll be happy with the VSmile, it won't be long until they will find out. I know my sister did when she went on a trip with us and other kids went that had the DS. She still plays her VSmile, but she knows she'd rather have the DS and always tells us when we're in the electronics department that she wishes she had a DS. I don't think she'd wish for it if VTech would have made their graphics better. The only other negative thing about this system is that it only has games for students through 2nd grade. On the other hand, it's direct rival, the Leapster goes through the fourth grade. My mom says now that she thinks she should have bought that one as my sister is now in the 2nd grade and outgrowing the skills that her games teach.