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Vtech Write Learn Smartboard Writer

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The vtech Write & Learn Smartboard Smart Writer is an electronic educational toy. This unit teaches your child the alphabet, the musical do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do scale, and how to write letters and numbers. Rated for ages 3-11 this toy grows with your child. Our Smartboard was a gift but they are available at Wal-Mart for $34.74.

There are several modes of play. For younger children you can, learn to count, play the ABC song, or press the letter buttons to hear the individual letters to associate sight and sound. There are cute animal drawings, activated with the writing utensil, that sing songs too. It's quite entertaining as well as interactive.

Once your child learns the letters by sight they can progress to writing. The Smart Writer has writing tablet form lines and a direction screen to aid learning proper letter form. This function is a little tricky and even I have trouble getting the letters exactly how the machine wants it. But, all things considered, it's fun to try. When you're right, you are rewarded with a pencil dancing and jumping across the screen.

Older children also have options to learn drawing, hidden sight word letters, missing sight word letters, before and after, and a free-play function where you can do what you want.

I think the Vtech Write & Learn Smartboard Smart Writer is age appropriate for a child up to 8, maybe 9, but 11 is pushing it. I do believe this is a valuable educational toy, just not up to 11 years.

The base unit is durable but the lift tray, for inserting funny pages, is rather flimsy and come off too easily. The writing utensil is attached to the base unit by a string. If you purchase one, be sure to double knot it before you let your child play with it. Otherwise, you will be searching for the pen.

The game only comes with a few funny pages to teach basic drawing and 3 crayons--not enough. Once the funny page is used up it's a goner. I scanned and printed a few to have extras.

The vtech Smartboard does everything is says it will do. It's interactive and makes learning fun. I think it is a good educational toy and would have bought it had we not gotten it as a gift.