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W580 I Cell Is Great To Buy

Reviewing: Sony Erricsson W580 I  |  Rating:
By vrajmson on
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I heard many negative comments about Sony Ericsson mobile phones. They say it is slow and complicated to use. But that I would negate because I think it depends on the user. If you have been used to one brand then the tendency is for you to be familiar with how to operate and makes it easy for you to use. Now with my familiarity with Sony Ericsson, I could say confidently that there is nothing complicated at all with it and not even any evidence that this brand is slow. And the most important thing I myself could vouch for Sony Ericsson as far as my experiences with it is concerned is its durability and robustness. I used to have an old Sony Ericsson model 1230 which proved very durable. I fell from my hand a number of times but it never broke. But since it is already outmoded I bought a new brand from Nokia and I just gave this old phone to a niece. Sadly, however the new Nokia model broke down too soon and I had to go the repair shop every now and then to have it fixed.

That is a good lesson learned. When I decided to shop for a new phone I had no other brand in mind but Sony Ericsson. And so I was able to purchase the beautiful Sony Ericsson W580i at PHP12, 000. I felt I made an excellent choice though it is quite pricey. The phone has attractive physical features. The sleek slim handset is easy to carry and nice to touch. The perfect rectangular shape has been given a good variation of a smoothly curved bottom. And its screen is very clear. Its highlight is the slider key pad. It made me excited me to use a slider phone for the first time. It makes me look sophisticated I think.

Another good value for my money is the fact that it has a large selection of relevant technical features. It has useful organizer that features the calendar, timer, alarm and the calculator which I mostly use. There are many beautiful free ring tones in it. I like also the color of lights and can even make selections. The Entertainment feature is where the games, radio, video and photo DJ's are found. I like the fact that this mobile phone is also a walkman and that I think is great. It is a wise choice for a music lover likes me. With its shake control which I find quite unique, I can enjoy the use of the music player and make selections of music. I now could enjoy listening to my music with my mobile phone.

It also has fitness feature and pedometer which I find really useful. It actually record how many calories you have burned through the day and also sets the distance run. I think this is great for joggers like me.

What I like and use very frequently is its digital camera that gives very clear photos. I could view those photos in my computer because it has software for a PC or laptop complete with a cable and detailed instructions. And so by using the provided cable I can enjoy my photos in bigger screen and have them printed as well. The photo result is as good as those taken at photo studios. I can also use this same phone as a modem to access the Goggles in the Internet and has Play Now that features games which my son do enjoy.

The vibration is very refined and not as troublesome as those with other phones. I think this is useful for one like me who always sets the phone on silent mode and prefers to get alerted by vibration rather.

And by the way my Sony Ericsson W580i fell one time, actually a real hard fall that one was but imagine how thankful I am that it did not in any way break. There have been no signs that the phone is malfunctioning. It remains as good as ever. Sony Ericsson is really great when it comes to durability and that made me to really trust this brand. I think I made an excellent choice in this phone. This is indeed a wise choice!