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Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet

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By plucko on
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After having owned a Wacom Volito2 tablet for a little over two years, I decided it was time to get myself a brand-new one. Why? Because it had lost its functionality throughout the years and the tablet was damaged (someone probably dropped something on it). After looking at the price lists of several Wacom tablets I decided to go for the Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet. I had planned to buy the Wacom Bamboo One, but the Graphics Tablet was on discount, so I decided to go for that one instead, as it has added functionality.

The first thing I noticed after my ordered tablet had arrived was that the original box the tablet is in, is a piece of art in itself. It's blue with black and it looks very promising. After having figured out how to open the box I found out there was another box in it. I had a quick look and I immediately started to like it. Just by looking at the box I had high expectations of the actual product.

I opened the box and noticed there were only a few things in it: my awesome new tablet, its stylus, the stylus holder, a manual and a USB cable. Yes, a USB cable which was NOT already attached to the actual tablet. This is a good thing because it means you may save some space when travelling around with your new tablet.

I removed the tablet from its boxed and plugged it into my computer. The first thing I noticed was that the tablet started to work immediately. Now I'm not sure if it's because I had already installed my old tablet's drivers or because Windows automatically detected it. This will, for now, remain a mystery.

I opened my painting software and started to doodle a bit. I immediately noticed that when I draw with my tablet, it feels like drawing on real paper. This is something my old tablet did not have.

When you plug the tablet into your computer you will noticed four blue lights turn on. I immediately wanted to test their functionality and I was surprised to see the scrollbars of my browser actually moving when I pressed the little round touch pad and one of the buttons actually allowed me to switch to a different application. Another blue button automatically sent me to my desktop. I assumed the other two were shortcuts I could customize later on.

After doodling for a bit I decided to test the eraser functionality of the stylus, because my old Volito2 didn't have that. I must say I was surprised it worked quite well, but it's not as sensitive as the pen itself, so you need to press the pen extra hard to be able to erase your doodles. Sometimes something goes wrong and instead of erasing something, it actually draws a line instead.

The Wacom Graphics Tablet is only available in black, but it doesn't really matter, as it's a very shiny and well-designed tool that many artists who do not have enough money to buy an expensive Intuos tablet, will enjoy.

The stylus isn't too thick nor too thin, thus it's easy to hold in your hands and to draw with. It also has two extra buttons which you may customize later or leave as they are.

Even if you're not an artist, you may want to consider buying the Wacom Graphics Tablet anyway, especially if you want to use Windows Vista's new tablet features. You can even use this tablet to replace your keyboard and your mouse!


+ Great design.

+ The stylus works very well, and there's an eraser on the other side!

+ It can replace your keyboard and mouse, especially if you're using Windows Vista as your operating system.

+ Extra buttons that you may customize if you wish to do so.

+ A button to switch to the desktop, and a button to switch to a different application.

+ A little touch pad that allows you to scroll, and to zoom in and out.


- The eraser should be more sensitive so you don't need to press it that hard.

- If you accidentally drop it, it may get seriously damaged, so by all means DO NOT DROP IT and be careful with it.

- The tablet comes with only one stylus, so be careful you don't lose it, because a new stylus costs almost as much as your tablet.