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Wacom Bamboo Tablet Not Fun Edition

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By maven on
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Bottom Line For Me

The Bamboo is an awesome tablet for the price. I like not paying for bundled software in the price. The "Bamboo FUN" is an unnecesssary upsell.

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My Purchase

I was looking for an inexpensive, but high quality, tablet for using with computer whiteboarding applications. This meant that a bunch of bundled software was extra cost. Also, I had the Graphire 4 with a mouse and found it of little use because the limited surface area of a 4 x 6 tablet makes it frustrating. The mouse also didn't seem to make sense - my regular mouse can stay connected all the time and I don't have to physically swap it onto a working surface to use it.

My Relevant Product Background

I owned the Wacom Graphire 4 - same size as the Bamboo - and will make comparisons where merited.

What I Like

The new "paper like" writing surface - lives up to it's claims as feeling like paper. Much, much improved over the glossy feel of the Graphire! The black color looks very nice and matches my IBM Laptop very well. The tablet is extremely responsive and natural when using it.

The form factor is fantastic - it is much slimer than the graphire. It's other dimensions make it small enough to travel - which is important to me. Another positive along that line is that the USB cable is detach able at the tablet. It takes a standard mini-usb interface so you can unplug it for travel without a worry that the cable will get stressed and broken where it enters the device. You can also pack a more compact cable than the one that ships with the device. It feels very sturdy - like it's made out of a solid piece of hard plastic that would be difficult to bend enough to break - makes me feel even more comfortable packing it in a computer bag.

What I don't Like

Don't Upgrade the Drivers - I downloaded the lastest drivers (5.05-7) and then the tablet would periodically (during active use) unload it's driver and load the standard mouse driver. The tablet continues to operate, but now the screen area is not represented by the tablet surface - you must move it like a mouse. I went back to the drivers from the CD and now everything works fine.

I also wish it had some additional buttons - I don't think I should have to buy a tablet the size of my desk to get more than 5 buttons.

Hidden Gems and Tips

Unless you need the larger size or the bundled software, I would not pay the extra for the "FUN" edition. The mouse will go unused (as it did with my Graphire). The Graphire had the same software bundle which also went unused in my case. I also prefer the styling.