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Waist Watchers Sodas

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By peterson on
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I know, I know . . . many have said "I'll never drink diet soda." It never made sense to me either. I, in my younger years, only liked sodas with a kick. Now, however, I like soda to go with some of my "diet" foods. (My "diet" consists of natural fats, protein, deep colored vegetables, real whole cheeses, berries and other [though limited] fruits.)

If you are looking for a zero, nada, none, no - calorie drink, this is it. If you are looking for a zero carb drink, Splenda does contain some carbs. I count 3/4 carb (three-quarters of a gram of carb) for each serving. A serving is a full 8 oz. glass. (The government says "if there is less than a whole gram, you may state no grams of carbs.")

The taste comes through so true, that I often add a few ice cubes and let it melt a bit for a still great tasting soda. Splenda, made from sugar cane, is what sweetens this soda. (I can not differentiate Splenda from sugar, and I bet you won't be able either.) The flavors I've tried (Rootbeer, Gingerale, Citrus and my personal favorite, Black Cherry) are true to the memories of "real soda" of my childhood. It seems that todays sugary - almost - too - sweet; or the watered - down, no - carbonation - after - a - day sodas can not measure up to this. This soda does!!

The carbonation is powerful, but not overbearing. I just sit the soda on its side in the refrigerator, and it stays bubbly for weeks. I love this soda, and I think you will, too.