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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Reviewing: Mr. Coffee Istx85 Coffee Maker  |  Rating:
scotlas71 By scotlas71 on
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My husband and I desperately needed a new coffee maker - according to my mother in law upon her last visit.

She quickly discarded our old, slow, loud and utterly amazing coffee maker that we had treasured for years and replaced it with this Mr. Coffee ISTX85.

It looks nice with its brushed chrome and black finish, little clock display and minimal buttons, and it does have a great little automated timer setting that I used to program each night so that my hubby would wake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. However it has a thermal carafe that I am not overly thrilled with. I am used to the coffee makers with the heated plate on the base, keeping my coffee hot (and occasionally burnt) until I turned it off, however this one uses its own steam to maintain heat and I find that after about 40 minutes, it starts to cool down - quickly!

The carafe itself has a rather difficult screwable lid that you MUST remember to tighten after pouring or your coffee will cool down even faster. It took me about a week to master the lid. There is an arrow that has to be aligned between the lid and the carafe before you can screw it on, it's a pain in the neck at first to line up, but after a while you get used to it and it's no big deal.

To the functions:

A very simple programmer allows you to auto set a start time but you must set it every day or night. It only sets the time NOT the day.

The clock settings consist of an hour and a minute button - very minimal. I prefer minimal however, as there is less to fuss with and it makes all the programming very simple to complete.

You can pour your coffee while brewing as there is it will automatically stop the drip process when the carafe is removed, so you don't have to wait until the full pot is brewed before enjoying your morning "joe", however, I strongly warn you to be certain that you have replaced the carafe correctly or the coffee basket will eventually fill to overflowing and spill from all over the machine!!!

It claims to be a 10 cup coffee maker, but we usually get about 2 mugs each leaving enough for a small "top up", maybe we are just greedy, but I think their idea of a cup is far smaller than mine!!


This disappointed me at first, however, it has grown on me, and I do use it every day. No leaks, no mess, no frills.....