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Waking The Dead Season One

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By ally_deville on
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I love this show! Waking the Dead is a BBC production and is aired on BBC America and on some PBS stations; sadly, in order to fit into American broadcast time frames they cut a lot out. The dvds certainly help fill in the gaps for the scenes that were edited out. Currently only the first 2 seasons are out on dvd but once the others come out, I will certainly buy them. I am never disappointed when I watch one of the episodes-- disturbed yes; have to go check on the kids yes. Bored, no.

The premise of this show is the team solves cold case files; the premise was very original when it first aired but there are several lame imitations on tv now. Most of the episodes are wrapped up at the end but there are themes that linger throughout the season. It's certainly well written and acted; the lead character Boyd certainly is believeable as a person you'd love to smack about as he is so arrogant. Of course, we do get to see his softer side and what drives him; Trevor Eve is very good in this role.

It's not glitzy or glamorous like some shows but it what it lacks in flash is more than made up for in substance. No line is a throw-away line. I highly recommend it. This boxed set also has the series pilot episode included.