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Wal Dry Allergy

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Lena Christine By Lena Christine on
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Allergies, allergies, allergies! My whole family has issues with allergies including myself. Spring and Summer are always the worst times for us all too.

Mine have recently been giving me issues and finally got bad enough for me to break down and have to buy allergy medicine for treatment just so I could sleep at night without a feeling of suffication when I laid my head down.

I picked up this bottle of Wal-Dryl at Walgreen's after not wanting to pay so much for Benadryl at the time. Pretty descent pricing and you get 200 capsules in a bottle. Far more then what comes in a box of Benadryl that's for sure.

The dosage is the same as the name brand but I can tell that the effectivness is not quite the same as the real deal. Don't get me wrong, they do work and they did help me out, but I had to take them way longer then I ever would have Benadryl. I guess you get exactly wha you pay for in the end.

Overall though, I have no major complaints for this product. They are priced well and ARE effective at treating allergy symptoms. So in the end, that's all that really matters here even if it does take a few extra doses.

This would be a good product to keep around the house in case of allergy emergencies or to drop in your purse, glove box or anywhere else you frequent if you have allergy issues like myself.