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Wal Mart Vision Center

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Just a warning to other consumers: I have used Wal-mart's Vision Center twice and this will be the last time I use them. The problems are: They are expensive. I spent over 400 dollars for one pair of glasses. The other HUGE problem is that they will only give you a two month guarantee on the glasses and it starts before you get the glasses if you pay for them in advance. They do not tell you this. Nor did I receive any paper telling me about the warranty. I went in to have these glasses repaired after 6 1/2 weeks of use and was told my warranty was expired by a few days. I had talked to them by phone a week early discussing the problem and they did not bother to tell me that the warranty only had a few days left. Apparently the warranty started the day I paid for the glasses not on the day I actually received the glasses. Who in the world starts a warranty when you do not even have the product??? Like I said thats the last time I buy from them.

Update On Mar 30, 2010: I am being told that Walmart has changed their warranty policy. Their policy is listed at walmartstores.com/download/2335.pdf I am still going to look for a cheaper option. There is no sense in paying400 dollars for glasses. They now say you can get a pair for 38 dollars. I did not see anything near that cheap while I was there but I have not been back.