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Walgreens Super Thin Ii Insulin Syringes

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karen By karen on
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My husband, a diabetic, was using syringes for his insulin injections that he liked very much. They were made by ReliOn and he was able to get them at Walmart. He liked the fact that they were of a very thin gauge and therefore, not as uncomfortable to use.

Well, for some reason these syringes in the ultra thin format are not available any more at our local Walmart, so my husband had to find another syringe he could use that would be just as comfortable. He was able to find what he wanted at Walgreen. It is the Super Thin II Syringe, and he likes it just as much as what he was using before.

These syringes have a short needle and are for use with U-100 insulin for 30 units or less. They are 31 gauge, 0.3 cc, and there are 100 syringes to a box.

The only thing I don't like about these syringes is the way they are packaged. With the ReliOn Syringes, each syringe was wrapped individually. With the Walgreen Syringes, there are plastic bags holding 10 syringes each. The syringes are protected by a plastic cap on the plunger part as well as the needle, but I still preferred the individual packing for each syringe. I help my husband with his insulin injections, so I noticed this difference right away. On the box, it states that this is more convenient than having each syringe individually wrapped, and with the protective caps, the syringes are kept completely sterile. I guess I just got used to having each syringe wrapped. But other than that, I and my husband like the Walgreen syringes just as much as the ReliOn.