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Walk Away The Pounds 2 Miles High Calorie Burn

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May Monten By May Monten on
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This is an easy aerobics video that is aimed at people who don't want anything too complicated. There are only four basic moves -- marching in place, knee lifts, kicks, and kick backs -- with a few simple variations.

The video runs for half an hour, including a short stretching session at the end (there's no stretch at the beginning).

About two-thirds of the way through, the instructor, Leslie Sansone, adds on some arm movements using weights, while you keep your legs moving so that you are still getting an aerobic workout. She uses these cute round blue two-pound weights that she sells herself, but I just use regular old one-pound dumbbells that I had around the house. I found that using the weights, even weights as light as the ones I've been using, does a lot to make the aerobic workout more intense.

What I like about the video is that it's relatively short and it's easy to follow. The downside is that with the limited number of moves, it's actually too easy, and I started getting bored with it after doing it only a few times. What I do now is play it with the sound off, and play music on the computer from Pandora or from the Yahoo Music Jukebox, which give me a mix of familiar and unfamiliar songs. The music holds my attention, and I can do the moves almost on autopilot, and the workout seems to go quite fast that way.

I bought this video as a VHS tape that I found while browsing in a thrift store. I just checked on Amazon, though, and found that it is available as a DVD, and that the DVD contains an additional workout, the 1-mile "Get Up and Get Started" workout as well.