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Walmart Plates Trays Handy For Summer

Reviewing: Walmart Square Plastic Plates 4 Pack  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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trays as sold- taped together

These square plates are attractive, and so inexpensive that you could use them for one summer and then discard them. I plan to use mine as mini-trays and keep them for as long as they last.

My habit is to have some soup and bread for dinner, and to eat it in front of the television. I have several large trays, but it’s a bother to deal with them just for one bowl and a muffin or piece of toast. When I saw this set of four plates for only $1.50, I thought that they might be just right, and they are.

Each plate is 9 3/4 inches square with a raised rim, so that the area which can actually hold food is 7 ½ inches square. The plastic is #5, so these are not recylable in most parts of the country. The plastic is fairly rigid. It can be deformed by twisting, but doesn’t sag when a full dish of something is placed on it, which makes it possible to use like a tray, as I am doing. I have learned that if you place a really hot dish on one, it will temporarily expand in the middle and hump up, but this goes away as the plastic cools. However, this can make a dish a bit unstable and might cause a spill.

These are made in China. They say dishwasher safe, but to avoid the heating element. We don’t have a dishwasher any more, so I can’t check this.

They came in blue, red and green- very bright primary colors. There were matching tumblers too, but I didn’t want any of those. Great summer decor, and no regrets if they get damaged and need to be thrown out.

These are easy to use; will wash and stack better than large trays, and will also be much easier to store. At 37.5 cents each, I think this was a great deal!