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Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price

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Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price DVD

Robert Greenwald, ProducerThe High Cost of Low Price was really an interesting documentary. It was filmed in 2005 and is ninety-eight minutes long.

The documentary interviews people who work or have worked for Walmart and got the inside story on how the employees are expected to work long hours and are often not paid for the extra time they put in. And even when they are paid, the pay scale really does not compete with other retail jobs around the country. The worst part, though, is that there is no health care plan, unless the employee is willing to pay a lot of money, which on their salary just is not possible. They are actually encouraged by the company to apply for Medicaid through the state. The employers at Walmart make sure that the employees know about all the Public Assistance programs that are available to them through welfare. So when you think about it that way, then you begin to realize that we, the working class, are actually subsidizing Walmart employees. So maybe the prices aren't really so low after all.

Another part of the story examined is the take over of small towns by Walmart to put up their mega structures which really hurts the town in the long run because none of the small businesses can afford to compete with the corporate giant. There are numerous stories of towns that pulled together to fight the influx of Walmart to their communities and actually succeeded in keeping them out. Many communities, however, bought into the idea that having a Walmart in the community would be good business all around. They found out the hard way, though, that there is a high price to be paid in jobs and in small town lifestyles when Walmart is allowed to basically take over as the only retailer in the area.

I encourage you to watch this DVD if you can because it makes you look at the whole Walmart vs. America issue so that you can be an informed citizen.