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Wanna Come Play At The Marcy Playground?

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One of my favorite bands has been Marcy Playground since they first showed up in the 90s with the song "Sex and Candy" and of course no one seems to know who they are until that's mentioned. I got the first CD when it came out from my parents for Christmas and abosolutley fell in love with it. Let's just say it got plently of play time between my many broken CD players and it probably drove them crazy. I've always gone after very original sounding music and that I think describes their music perfectly.

Their first CD features a few rockish type songs like "Poppies", "Saint Joe on the school bus", "Dog and His Master" and a few others are more slow even featuring a very soft cello which would be "One more Suicide". The flow of the lyrics and music together is amazing. The CD even has the music videos for a few songs on it so you can watch them on your computer and at the time it was very cool to me. Then of course when their second album came out I of course had to grab that up for myself.

'ShapeShifter' is an amazing CD all around and I think "It's Saturday" was on the raido a few times. It didnt have any huge successful songs like "Sex and Candy" had been on the first one but I feel it was equally as good. Once again the songs are very different ranging from rock, to pop, to almost a tinny country sound and some that are just unclassifiable. One of the songs that I quite enjoy on that one would be "Pigeon Farm" it's catchy, the music is rhythmic and the lyrics, to me, sound like an insane asylum.

Once again ShapeShifter is another CD that worked in the computer and one that my dog promptly ate. There has since been a shortage and finding another as been very hard. It was a long while before I learned about MP3 seeing as how the band isn't huge and I ran across it by chance online. This one is very cooky, silly, and harder music.

"Spoon Fed" and "Blood in Alphabet soup" are two of my absolute favorites. "Spoon Fed" actually I feel I can relate to in some way or another. That goes with "Blood in Alphabet soup" as well just because it seems like something I'd think of and I am already seen as a bit crazy. I think "Punk Rock Superstar" was kind of a big song but I'm not sure for how long but I think I remembered hearing it on MTV once.

I usually have music for every mood, angry, sad, crazy but Marcy Playground fits them all. Actually if I'm angry listening to them makes me less angry and I soon can get back to whatever I was doing before. They have a few unreleased songs that are really good if you can find someplace to download them from.These guys are another one of my recommendations and I know everyones tastes are different.

"Leaving Wonderland in a fit of Rage" should be out this Spring! I can update with that one as soon as I get it.