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Wanna Play As A Vets?

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TekFat Liu By TekFat Liu on
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At first it is fun playing as a vet apprentice looking after a farm. Every morning you'll be given certain task that must be fullfill by the end of the day. Feeding an animal, playing with them, filling up the feeding bin. When an animal get sick, you'll have to examine the animal, diagnose and making a treatment.

But after a couple hours I get bored, especially during the treatment of the sick part, you'll have to answer couple questions about the animal condition. For ex: The chicken temperature is 103F, Is it normal, below normal, or above normal? This kind of question will be repeated throughout the ame.

The graphics it self doesn't look so smooth, it appears little blocky. Sometimes when you running down hill, it looks like you're walking in the air.

The minigames are great, you can play collecting eggs, milking cows and others.

Overall this is a fun games to be play for a couple of hours, not for a long ones.