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Want A Baby? This Bbt Helps!

Reviewing: Cvs Flexible Tip Digital Basal Thermometer  |  Rating:
jallyson By jallyson on
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ANyone who wants to have a baby knows how frustrating it can be when it doesn't happen right away. Well, my first daughter took 5 years to conceive, so when we decided we wanted another baby, I wanted to do everything to make it happen faster.

I had read about basal body temperature monitoring to help chart monthly cycles and predict ovulation. Well, I have a hormonal disorder which causes me to ovulate irregularly, so I wasn't sure how well this would work for me. After using it a couple of months, though, I was able to see that there was some pattern, and we conceived my newest daughter after only one year! Plus, it let me know if I even had ovulated, so I wouldn't waste the money on pregnancy tests if I hadn't.

One thing I liked about this thermometer was the speed- with BBT charting, you have to take your temp at the same time every morning, before you've even picked your head up off the pillow. This often means setting the alarm for 6 am, even on weekends, so the faster the thermometer, the faster you can go back to sleep!

If you are trying to conceive, I definitely recommend temping as a method, and this one was a great deal for the price.