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Want Curly Fries With That Burger?

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Ah french fries are a wonderful thing; make them curly and you have a side dish with an entertaining zing. The Presto Tater Twister can make you look like a professional fry cook and all you need to do is supply the potatoes and the fryer.

I discovered one night that my family has an obsession with curly fries. We rarely eat out and are even less likely to eat fast food. We went for a special quick meal at Sonic Drive in and ordered some burgers and fries. To my surprise everyone ordered curly fries. Why? Because they are bouncy and fun!

I recalled that I had purchased a curly fry cutter on a whim. I had never really used the thing so I decided to pull it out and give it a whirl. Talk about easy, all you have to do is wash your potatoes and insert them in the cutter, turn on the machine, and press down on the handles. Out of this wondrous device slinks curly cues of potatoes. Once you have your curls cut, dump them into a deep fryer and voila curly fries.

Of course these curly fries are much better than fast food curly fries--they are not mushy, they are not too crisp, and you can season them with better seasonings than just salt and pepper. The best thing about them is you made them yourself and you can be the awe of your family when you present them with dinner. From cutter to table you are looking at under 10 minutes--and that does include frying time--for about 3 medium potatoes.

The unit is easy to clean and breaks away from the electric base. The plastic bin spinner, pusher, and blades are all dishwasher safe.

With the Presto Tater Twister you can enjoy fast food specialities without leaving home. I think it may even save money--curly fries are usually more expensive than traditional fries at fast food joints--you can almost buy a 5 lb bag of potatoes for the cost of two orders of fries. There is an additional blade included with the twister, but I have yet to use it.