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Want Shiny And Beautiful Dark Hair? Try Clairol

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My hair stayed its natural color dark brown for many years. I was never really into coloring my hair until one day I decided I wanted a change. My decision was to go from dark brown to jet black. I bought Clairol Balsam Lasting Color Permanent Color. I'd never tried out any other Clairol hair products before so I decided to get something new. Also it was at an affordable I can't beat.

On the Clairol box, it had a color bar--if your hair is red, blonde, grey or brown it will show the results of what color the hair will become, light, medium or dark black.

The hair color kit comes with two plastic gloves, one applicator, and one hair conditioner pack. It is recommended to do a strand test on the hair to make sure you get the exact color you want. For example, clip 1/4 inch of hair strand that is darkest or grayest it is the to your scalp and use a tape to tape it at a cut end. Cover the whole strand with the color of your choice and time it. If fifteen minutes passed on and you got the desired color, proceed on coloring the hair. If not, continue to check the strand hair every other minute or so up to 25 minutes.

Personally I'd never do the strand test but it is best for those who want to be more cautious when using the dye.

Before using the hair color, I put on the gloves, parted my hair in four ways, first to the roots then massage it in my hair, but not touching my scalp. I left the dye on the hair 25 minutes then rinsed out. After washing I was amazed at how dark my hair was and I was happy that it went successfully well. Afterwards, I apply the Clairol Color Locking Conditioner and left it on the hair for two minutes then rinse out. It added the shine I wanted. It was funny at first having a different hair color but the color complement my skin complexion very well and gave my hair a lively look than before so I was definitely loving it,

The hair dye stayed in approximately 4-5 weeks before my natural hair color start to slowly reappear so I add it again. After a few dyes and so forth, it permanently kept my hair black and again I wanted to try a different color. The only thing I regret is (silly of me) not reading the front of the box where it clearly states in two words, ‘permanent hair'. I just skimmed through the whole box cover without thoroughly reading it.

But I really like Clairol hair dye and will not hesitate to buy another--only if it's in non-permanent of course.