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Reviewing: Ubisoft Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Graw)  |  Rating:
By Matt Williamson on
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I picked up GRAW from GameStop about a year ago, and I'm pretty impressed. For less than 5 bucks I got some really fun gameplay. The main thing that set this apart from other third person shooters (the view is over the shoulder, like in Gears of War), was the lack of gore and language. That's one thing I never liked about GoW. You just hear the non-stop 'F-bombs' and see constant gore, it's like 'where is the entertainment located?' I guess if you like that sort of thing. But GRAW has almost no blood, and the language you hear is every day stuff, pretty much nothing more than a teacher can get away with saying to a kid at school ;) .

Maturity Rating = 4

Yeah, it's kinda violent. So what? It could be so much worse. Think about GoW, and then think about GoW with almost no blood, almost no language, and actually conceivable. Yeah, the interface is kind of unrealistic, but its supposed to be THE FUTURE, people! (well it's almost not the future anymore, since the game takes place in 2013 :p)

Content = 4

There is a wide variety of missions and weapons, and everyone will find a mission that they could play a thousand times and not get bored of it.

Audio and Image Quality = 4.5

This is what is to be expected of an Xbox 360 game, and nothing less. Great gunshot sounds, and good scenery. 'nuff said.

Re-Playability = 2.5

There's really not much to say here, there's some pretty fun missions, but it's like watching a movie, and then watching it again right after it finishes.

Online Gameplay = 0.8

The online gameplay as a whole was a mistake. Instead of enemies being red, and teammates being blue (like Star Wars Battlefront) or white (like Call of Duty), there's just a blue team and a red team. There is ALWAYS a newbie just starting on the red team that will start team killing, and then you spawn right next to him and he kills you. And there is no betrayal boot or anything like that, you're just stuck there, getting killed by your own teammate. Again. And again. And the Over the Shoulder view is gone in online gameplay, so you're stuck with not seeing even what weapon you have equipped (yeah, you can't see your weapon in first person mode)

Offline Gameplay = 4.2

Very decent gameplay. An Over the Shoulder view helps the player see around corners, and shoot from safety. I was impressed with every mission, and all sorts of goodies that this game had in store for me.

Makes You Feel Beast = 5

First of all, THIS GAME MAKES YOU FEEL SO BEAST!!!!!! The interface, the infra-red vision, the night-vision, everything, just makes you feel untouchable.