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Want To Get Robbed? Stay At Ho Jo.

Reviewing: Howard Johnson California Hotel Anaheim, Ca  |  Rating:
e_bezovie By e_bezovie on
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The last time my family and I went to Disneyland, we went with my siblings' Ukrainian Dance club. We figured we had found a steal of a hotel. Located just off the I-5, a 10 minute walk to the Disneyland Park itself, AND with a nice pool? What a great find -- we would definately enjoy our stay here.


Now, let me get something straight here. My Dad is freakishly paranoid about travelling. He's always taking extra precautions when we travel -- wearing those terrible "fanny pouches" and carrying a massive bookbag around where-ever we wander. Now, when he wanted to store our passports in the safety deposit boxes that the hotel had, the concierge was widely unhelpful when he requested to keep our valuables locked up. Frustrated, he decided to duct tape our passports underneath our TV stand. Now I know this seems like a silly idea, but it was better than taking them with us and risk losing them, or leaving them out in plain sight.

So out we go to a fun day at Disney and when we arrived back to the hotel our passports were missing. There was no sign that they had even been there. No left over tape, nothing. Needless to say, my family was frantic. 6 passports had gone "missing" over a period of 8 hours. So my Dad contacted the front desk.

This is where the trouble REALLY started. The manager basically told us "oh well, your problem". There was no encouragement to file a police report or contact the Canadian embassy. In fact, the only thing they suggested was that we search the massive, reeking garbage pile incase the passports had fallen in the garbage and had been thrown away. This man was suggesting that the cleaning staff (who were apparently being paid under the table) wouldn't see 6 black passports sticking out of the garbage can. Thus began a long process of paper-work and anxiety. This happened on day 2 of our 10 day stay, and quite quickly ruined the mood of the trip.

Other families that were staying at this HoJo also reported that they were missing jewlry and jeans. The hotel had a great stealing record, apparently.

Not only were we staying among theives, we often returned to our rooms and realized that they hadn't been cleaned - old towels were still laying in the bathtub, even though we clearly asked for our room to be cleaned. The room would often go for 3 days without being cleaned. I wonder why?

I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy -- well, maybe if the HoJo gave me their loot after they were done stealing it.