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Want To Play Retro Games You Need This!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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The nintendo wii classic controller is an extra accessory for the nintendo wii console. The classic controller allows you to play the classic retro games you have downloaded from the virtual console on the wii shop channel. Without this accessory you won't be able to play any snes, N64 games and since one of the best things about the wii is the vast amount of classic retro games available to download this makes this accessory a must have. The classic controller can also act as just a normal controller for some games for example: Super mario kart wii, super smash bros brawl and others!

The classic controller to me feels like a super nintendo controller just with a few more buttons, which is a good thing it's designed to be pretty basic because most of the time thats what you will be using it for basic (but good) retro games. Of course as you can see they have added two analog thumb sticks for the 3D games you will play, which makes playing 3D games a whole lot easier than using the directional pad. The only bad points about the classic controller are the buttons sometimes seem a bit close together (usually its the analog sticks that get in the way when your trying to push other buttons and because the controller itself is quite small with all those buttons on it) The other bad point is the classic controller has to be plugged into the bottom of the wii remote to use it (just like the nunchuck controller) so instead of it having its own wireless capabilities, it has to rely on the wii remotes which means if you don't have any batteries for your wii remote or your wii remote is broke you can't use the classic controller either.

But all in all it is a decent controller to play retro games on, a bit harder to play wii games with but mostly you will be using it for retro games. But the fact still remains if you don't have this controller you can't play some of the best retro titles realised for the virtual console which makes this item a must have!!