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War And Peace

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Famous writer Tolstoy's novel war and peace has since been published, one is called "the world's greatest novels". The retrospect of the great epic in long-term and powerful momentum, vividly described 1805-1820 Russian society's important historical events and all life: "nearly thousand characters, countless scenes, state and private life of all possible field, history, war, all the tragedy, various desires, life stages, from the baby born of the old man YanYan breath to crow finally burst, the feelings of people can feel all possible joy and suffering, and the inner thoughts, from stealing his companions of thieves coin, the most exalted of heroism to comprehend thoroughly the impulse and the meditation. The war and peace, the front and rear, domestic and foreign, the army and the society, the upper and lower together, which fully reflects The Times, and for all kinds of typical character created a vast typical environment. The author's character description image is complex and plump, commonly used to describe the comparative method in the Russian literature genre, is a kind of innovation, also transcended the traditional European novels. You must see that is a very good novels.

Л. Н. Т о л с т о й Nikolayevich Lev employs, Tolstoy 19th-century Russian literature, the representative writer realism, recognized the greatest Russian writer, author of "Canon" western literature and American famous critic Harold, professor BuLun even called "since Renaissance, only can challenge Homer, Dante with Shakespeare's great writers".

This novel is the novels in the 19th century, but today, but no alienable, which reveals the sympathy of humanity, through space-time background, still shake.

Recommend here, I hope you will like it.