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Warbreaker By Brandon Sanderson Review

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By Carrie Ott on
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Warbreaker Paperback Cover

One of Brandon Sanderson's most recent chart topping books, Warbreaker is a thrilling fantasy sure to sweep you off your feet and carry you into a world of strange magic and deep political intrigue. The main storyline focuses on Siri, a king's daughter who is forced to marry the king of a distant, pagan nation. She soon discovers, however, that both the kingdom and her new husband are not at all what they seem. Woven intricately into that plot is that of Siri's sister Vivenna, who is sucked into underhanded dealings with mercenaries and dangerous encounters with rogues whose alliances cannot be trusted. Even more intriguing is Hallendren's "pantheon, " made up of men and women who were chosen to be saved from death and return as gods. There's just one problem - a god by the name of Lightsong doesn't believe in his own divinity. Siri, Vivenna, Lightsong, and many others cross paths and form the novel into an intricate web of excitement and unpredictability. Sanderson takes these basic plot threads and weaves them into a complex fabric sprinkled with more twists and turns than anyone could have first imagined.

Sanderson's masterful approach to such a complicated storyline provides the reader with a feeling of security, knowing that the author is competent enough to keep the reader flipping pages like a madman. Additionally, Brandon has an amazing grasp of abstract concepts like love, death, and honor which compel the reader to think. In essence, Sanderson has created a book where the reader can become a part of the action.

The suspense in the book is intense and never ceasing, and readers learn quickly that things can change very fast. By keeping readers on their toes, Brandon Sanderson has created a book that anyone can appreciate and enjoy thoroughly. While some readers may be put off by the length of the volume, there is no need to fear! Sanderson uses every page wisely!

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've always said, "It takes a good book to make the reader sad, even at a happy ending; make him turn the last page, hoping there are more words. And it takes a good author to know this, and to write his book so that the story lives in the reader's mind long after it lives on the page." Brandon Sanderson has definitely succeeded in doing this. The characters and situations become so much a part of the reader's life that, regardless of how the story ends, the reader is left feeling like he lost something precious. I also found Sanderson's impressive grasp on the magical system of Hallendren (the book's major kingdom) very nice; considering the uniqueness of the magical system (utilizing Breath and color to do things almost magically), Sanderson handles the complexity very well. I strongly recommend this book to anyone ready for an epic treat. Warbreaker truly is a mental thriller mixed with an action-packed battle saga, topped with a helping of genuine human nature. Pick up this book. I guarantee, you won't put it down again!