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Warcraft 2: Battle.Net Edition

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Warcraft is one of the best PC games of all time. The fun started in 1995 with Warcraft 1: Orcs and Humans. It continued with Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness and its expansion pack Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal. Warcraft 2: Battle.net Edition is the combination of both Warcraft 2 titles plus internet multiplayer capability. It is popular up to nowespecially in battle.net mode where you could have up to eight players from all over the world play with and against you.

The game has two modes - the campaign and the scenario. In the campaign you could choose to go with the humans or the orcs. The choice is yours. The scenarios could be played with human players and computer players. The most I was able to beat were two computer players.

The object of the game is to collect resources such as gold, timber and oil to fund your war efforts. With these you could hire troops and build structures. In the game you must balance things such as offense, defense, exploration and resource gathering.

The beauty of the games lies in the strategies involved in winning. You could try a blitzkrieg and try to win as soon as possible. You can also accumulate a legion of troops before trying to decimate the opposition. You could also try turtling and build defensive units to pick off opponents. You could also employ guerilla tactics. In multiplayer the fun multiplies as you creat alliances and even engage in backstabbing tactics in a free for all.

The game has a nice fantasy and medieval feel. The voice of the narrator of the campaign was cool as well. With numerous units and scenarios on board. This spells hours and hours of fun for everyone.