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Waring Indoor Grill And Griddle

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Waring indoor Grill

Waring Grill/Griddle w/4 Removable Non-Stick Plates

We ordered this product on September 29, 2009 from QVC for $89.96 -S & H $11.47 - Tax $5.07

I have found many positives and negatives with this product!~~ It is my opinion that this products will be great for those who can get past the negatives because some of the positives are so much stronger. It really will depend on what you are looking for, your kitchen space for preparing foods among other factors.

When we decided to replace our tired Toaster oven after 5 years of constant use cooking meats, I started researching and noticed a lot of indoor, electric grills/griddles had popped up on the market. I love grilled foods.

I dug through tons of reviews and finally settled on the Waring Grill/Griddle which has cooking surface on both the top and bottom and can be used open as a griddle, or closed as a grill, which then cooks both sides of the meat at the same time.

This unit came with interchangeable flat griddle and a ridged grill. It also came with a plastic cup to catch the grease as it drains from the cooking surfaces. The container is NOT attached to the unit, so it MOVES…. Not good! We must watch it if we are grilling something that generates a lot of grease, or it will be all over the tray we purchased to sit it on. Before we did that, it ended up all over our stove top.

The first thing I noticed when we used it was that is creates a tremendous amount of smoke and grease splattering. Had I left it on the counter, the underside of my cabinets would be black by now. Since I happen to have a flat surface stove, which we rarely use, I had the perfect place to put it. After using it a few times and seeing what I needed to accommodate the issues that were cropping up, we were OK!

I purchased an inexpensive aluminum flat, baking pan, which was large enough to collect the spatters and any grease, if the grease cup moved, and keep them from getting all over my stove top. I also purchased a 3-sectioned, washable splatter screen to go around the back and sides of the unit to prevent all the grease from splattering on my stoves back panel and on my counter to the left of the stove.

We must always have the hood vent on while using this unit and the filter in the hood needs to be cleaned frequently as it collects grease very fast. We use this unit almost every day, twice a day, so you can gage your needs accordingly.

By the middle of October, I noticed that one of the grills was “arching” on one corner. Also around this same time we began to notice that the grease was getting UNDER the bottom cooking grill and congealing under the heating unit there. After I tried to scrub it off with comet and then scrap it off with a Clam opener, (because it is rounded ) and nothing worked, I finally decided that perhaps I had purchased a defective unit. I called and ordered a replacement.

The replacement still ended up dripping grease under the grill! But the arching grill tray did not repeat itself with the new one. They allowed me to keep all the parts that went with the first grill, so I have extra grills, griddles and grease cups

This grill does not take a long time to heat up. If one waits until it does heat up fully, before placing the meat on it, the grill sears the meat and keeps the juice inside. Because it cooks meat on both sides at once, the cooking time is fast. It cooks just like an outside grill, only without the charcoal taste! Now if it had that, wow ~~~ I would be in heaven.

We only used the griddle a few times, but we are not big griddle users here They cleaned well with hot soapy water.

But the grills have been slowly collecting stuff on them, and no matter what we do, we can’t get them completely clean. It is “baked on to the grill” (Very much like an outdoor grill that needs cleaning.) I don’t worry much about it because it cooks at such a hot temperature, but this “is” another negative thing about this unit~ So, the claim that the surfaces are non-stick is true regards what they use "on" the surface, but in real use, they do not perform as non-stick when it comes time to wash them!

For our use, which is cooking meats, and that we have a flat top stove with a hood fan over it, this is the perfect unit for us.

I would never recommend this for those who do not have a way to use this under a hood. Your home will be full of grease and I am sure your fire units would go off as well. You will also notice a grilling smell in your home depending on how large of an area your home is. Personally it does not bother us. Hubby could care less, and I like the smell of cooking in my home, but many don’t, so thought I would alert you to that.

It is now August of 2010 and we are still enjoying this unit. I see QVC is no longer selling them. Wal-mart on line is however. Not sure about the local Wal-marts. I see they have them for $59.99 ($30.00 less than what I Paid) and they come in Black, red and the Platinum (which is what we have) I may go get one in black soon to have one on hand in case they disappear.

I have done my due diligence searching for a different brand, with better features and have yet to find one that cooks both sides at once and is as compact as this one, which can cook two good size steaks or 4-6 large chicken thighs at the same time.

It would also be nice to have one with a separate OFF button. We unplug it each time after use, to prevent anything from bumping it and moving the dial back to an on position.

I think that these are probably not for everyone, but we love ours even with its downfalls.