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Warioware Touched

Reviewing: N Intendo Nintendo Ds  |  Rating:
By Judith DaSilva on
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This game is a compilation of 3-5 second mini-games that range from making people sneezing or setting up a Gamecube. It's great fun to pick up and play anytime and anyone can learn the directions on "How To" really quickly.


Each person in here has their own little beat that you hear when playing their mini-game set which makes for the sounds to have a variety of music. And each game has quirky little voices or tunes taht make it interesting and appealing to young and old alike. Graphics are no 3-D, but it's really fun to play these games. The graphics are just right for this kind of game, but a little 3-D wouldn't have hurt.


It get's repetitive after awhile. The game becomes a burst of fun for about 10-13 hours of gameplay, but after you beat the game(unlock everything) it kind of becomes boring and just sits there. It's pretty cool to pick up and play every so often, but the game is no Zelda where you can beat it once pick up a month later and beat it again. But, that's the purpose of this game is to entertain you with over 150+ mini games, but they will become boring after a bit.


Great game. Would be really cool if there was a sequel to the game on the DS. Some 3-D would be a nice touch to the game and of course more games!! Now that WiFi is out it would nice to see that in a sequel.

SCORE: A Solid: 3.5