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Warm You Home With Scentsy Wickless Candles!!

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By angelkisses on
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A good friend of mine bought me a Scentsy Wickless Candle for Christmas. Scentsy is a scented candle that has no wick, no fire and no soot. They are called Scentsy warmers. Scentsy has a lot of warmer to accent any d├ęcor. How Scentsy works is there is a porcelain shell with a low-watt light bulb inside, which warms the tray on top that has a cube of scented wax in it. The tray gets warm from the light bulb and melts the wax. Scentsy is easy to use, simply turn on the warmer put a cube of the scent of your choice in the tray and enjoy the Scent. What nice is the wax is not hot to the touch, so children don't get burned. Best of all is your house, office, bathrooms and work spaces smell nice. Scentsy has about 80 scents. The scents come in Trays of six or a Brick of 12 the melted scent last for 5 days depending on usage, so if your scent is not gone and you want a new scent simply pour it back in its trays and reuse later. If your scent is all gone and needs to be changed simply melt the wax in its dish and dump it down the garbage disposal with hot water. I am so excited about this Product because I own a daycare and throughout the day I change a lot of Diapers so my bathroom smells. I also have animals and Scenty has helped eliminate the odor while looking great in my home. The 6 pack of scent are $5.00 and the Bricks are $20.00. Scentsy also sells Travel Tins, Car Candles and Room Sprays in your Favorite scent. The scents I have burned and like are Simply Irresistible, Cranberry Spice, Snowberry, Grapefruit Berry, and Pomegranate Ice but there are a lot more scents that I have smelled and liked. This product is a Direct Selling which means that anyone can sell or buy this Product. For more information or to simply check this product out go to www.scentsy.com

Update On Mar 02, 2010: Twice a year Scentsy brings out a new catalog with new scents and warmers. On March 1st Scentsy brought out NEW scents and warmers for Spring and Summer. Out of all the new warmer, I love the Sunshine Kids Warmer because 100% of the net profits from sales go to the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

I have enjoyed Scentsy in my home so much. For more information check out www.jrmckinley.scentsy.us