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Warning: This Blender Leaks!

Reviewing: Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Blender Ksb560 Ob  |  Rating:
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This is a powerful kitchen blender. I use it almost exclusively for making celery juice or frozen fruit smoothies.

I have had it about two and a half years, it replaced a six year-old Waring blender which died. At $100 (plus tax), this blender was fairly expensive. Some of KitchenAid's marketing collateral called this their "Most Powerful Premium Blender".

I was attracted to this blender because the polycarbonate pitcher does not need to be taken apart for cleaning (and it does not have any rubber gaskets to get mis-shaped, and need to find and replace).

Unfortunately, the pitcher has leaked since the time that it was new - originally just a little, but after two years it began leaking like crazy. I contacted Whirlpool/KitchenAid and they "do not recommend do-it-yourself repairs" and "do not have programs through KitchenAid to repair your unit". They did graciously give me a discount on a replacement pitcher for $27 (including shipping and tax). The replacement pitcher leaked slightly during initial cleaning and testing, I debated about returning it, but decided to use it until the leaking becomes worse (when I will dump it, with full disclosure, in Craigslist). Note: I have become aware of many other people who have had leak problems with this blender so mine is not an isolated case.

The other negative about this blender is an electric smell that comes from the motor. The smell was worse when the blender was new, but is still present after more than two years of use.

My next blender will definitely not be a KitchenAid. If cost were no object, I would love to get a Vita-Mix blender. However, what I probably will do is just buy a cheap Osterizer from Costco or Walmart and be happy if it lasts a couple of years.