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Warrior's Song

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By dawn69 on
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Warrior's Song is a book written by Janis Reams Hudson. This is a story about a half breed man who thinks he is worthless and doesn't deserve any happiness. He is looking for a man that sold a four year old child to a traveling preacher. This Preacher beat him for no reason and before the boy was nine he had to kill that Preacher just to stay alive. On his search for this man who sold him he finds a family of Irish kids that are being raised by their eldest sister Brie. Brie is trying to run a cattle ranch and keep the family together. However, as in any good story there is a villain who is trying to take the ranch away from her. It will be a coincidence that Wolf the half breed meets Brie when she is in dire need. These two are meant for each other in so many ways it will just take them time to figure this out.

The book is well written and the story is very interesting and keeps you wanting more. The book or released back in 1997. I would recommend this book because it is a good story and the characters are very well drawn out.

I bought my book at a yard sale but you can also pick up older books like this at places like Ollie's and big lot retail stores.