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Washington All State Auto Insurance

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reann By reann on
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The price quoted is for 6 month coverage for a female drive under the age of 25 with no traffic accidents or violations. The insurance is for a 1993 SUV with 125, 000+ miles. I was able to find a really nice local insurance agent who helped explain the different options and deductibles and what different coverage was available with what different prices. Then two years later her assistant tells me that I could have been paying for $50 deductables instead of the common $500 for liability/collision and it would only cost about $2 more a month for $450 less I may have to pay if there was an accident.

Two months later my vehicle was involved in an accident. T-Bone and the front of my SUV was smashed in, totalling it. I go to my personal insurance agent and ask about how I can get the most of my money for the totalled vehicle because the other insurance would be paying for it as it was the other driver's fault. She explained to me that I have nothing to worry about, I would get more money for the cost of the vehicle than I would expect. She got a few hundreds dollars more on her truck. I asked for advice on what is legal to adjust for claims for the damage of the vehicle. She kept telling me not to worry about it and I did not need advice as my insurance adjusters will help fight for me.

Lies! I spent 4 months arguing with the other insurance just for the total loss of the SUV as I was receiving treatment for my injuries. The accident was in June; in November and December, I received expensive epidural steroid treatment in to my neck costing approx. $3, 000. In May, the bills were still not fully paid off and I was receiving letters from the doctor's office threatening to send me to collections because of the unpaid balances. Then I received letters from other doctor's office.

When asking my para-legal about why they are not paid she was stumped and had a hard time getting the bills paid. All-State's claim adjuster was only paying off portions of the bills and not the full thing even though I had $35, 000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and was no where near the limit. Finally the adjuster quit and the new one paid off my bills instantly.

Two weeks later I receive a legal documentation stating that All-State just pleaded guilty in a civil lawsuit where they were only paying portions of doctor's visitations, leaving the rest in the responsibility of the claimmet even when there is PIP money left. I nearly qualified to take part in the lawsuit if my insurance adjuster did not quit.

They are not paying for any more treatment and the settlement will not happen for a few more years. When asking other people about their insurance companies and how accident claims were handled, I heard mostlly good things. I switched my auto insurance company when I got another car. Paying nearly the same amount for full coverage. Bye-bye All-state.