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Waterbased Multi Insect Killer Baygon

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Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Flies and Common House Spiders. These are the insects you just love to hate. They make your home feel dirty no matter how much you try to clean it.

My daughter is afraid of cockroaches, she must have picked this traits from my ex-husband's friend. I just love to squeesh them yet they are difficult to kill, even an anvil will not stand to cockroaches.

Mosquitoes nowadays are deadly, they carry viruses that causes sickness and eventually kill you like malaria and dengue fever. Not to mention, their bite is painful and itchy.

Flies are dirty, they carry germs and they have this tendency to piss you off byflying around you.

Common house spiders create cobwebs in every corner of your house and is very unsightly.

So how do you control these creepy crawlies and flying critters without having to use different kinds of chemical that may be harmful not only to these insects but also to people as well and the environment?

Baygon has an answer. Baygon waterbase multi insect killer. This product is odorless so it won't cause you to feel like evacuating your premises. Because it is waterbase, there is no kerosene smell and it is safe to use especially if you have kids in your home.

Since this comes in a spray can, you can be sure that the amount of chemical sprayed is just enough yet you can be sure of its effectiveness.

I have no doubt with baygon, they made innovative studies to protect the environment yet keep our houses insect riddin.