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Waterproof Camera: Canon Powershot D10

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Upon planning a trip to the beach, I suddenly realized the need for a waterproof camera. After much research into the numerous options available, I have narrowed my search down to 5 waterproof cameras. With the invention of waterproofing technology, came the opportunity to take pictures of all your aquatic adventures. However, being waterproof was just not enough for me. I wanted a camera that would not only allow me to use it snorkeling or swimming, but one that could handle the wear and tear I would be putting it through. I wanted a camera that would record audio and video and have easy upload capabilities for sites like youtube, facebook, and others.

If you are like me, you are very prone to dropping your camera. It is not uncommon for me to be the one that seems to always find a way to drop and break something, and a camera is no exception to the norm. Accidents do happen, they just seem to happen to me much more than they do to other people. And, many times my faithful camera has been dropped, there has also been water near enough for the camera to submerge in or to get wet in just the right spot to ruin the camera completely. After enough of these very clumsy moments of mine, I am so happy to have found a solution that is me proof.

So, now that the technology has become more popular and mainstream for cameras, the cost has allowed clumsy me to become an owner of a waterproof camera as well. I have owned many cameras and Canon is a brand that I have trusted in the past. The very easy point & shoot option on them has always been a convenience that I could not resist. Add up all the options that Canon has to offer along with now being waterproof and I'm in. The fact that this camera comes with a total of 12 mega-pixels means that it can compete with even the best of the cameras out there that are not waterproof. The D10 also comes with a 3x Zoom lens and a very nice 2.5" LCD Screen so you can see all the action both in and out of the water. This is Canon's first introduction to waterproof cameras. I'm sure that as more and more demand is given for the technology, there will be more that will include improved features with even more zoom and recording capabilities.

So, to sum it up the Canon Powershot D10 comes with many great features including:

* waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters)

* shockproof to 4 feet

* freezeproof to -14 degrees farenheit

* optical image stabilization reduces blurs during vibrations, shakes, etc.

* blink technology alerts you to blinks in your pics

* camera has a built in self time for self portraits

* Optical zoom gets those far away images up close

* SD card storage allows you to increase storage amounts for more pictures or video

* Video recording built in so you can leave your camcorder behind

* Lithium-Ion NB-6L battery is rechargeable with the included batter charger

So, with all these features, the Canon Powershot D10 is one of my 5 top choices of Waterproof cameras that are currently on the market in 2010.