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Waterproof Sealant Shields Weather Seals In Beauty

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Waterproof Sealant Paint Shields Beauty

A freshly stained deck can add beauty to a home while providing protection against the harsh elements. Deck stain can contain primer, stain and sealant all in one product. One application can protect a wooden deck for nearly a decade, at least that is what I thought. No, there was not anything wrong with the stain. I was pleased with the results from the Olympic Navajo Red deck stain that I applied to my wooden deck. It was the wear patterns on the deck that were discouraging. Anyone that has outside dogs knows what I am referring to. Those lovable paws had worn the stain off completely, down to the bare wood. It was easy to follow their path on and off the deck to their food and water bowls.

As I stared at the bare wood I knew that there was another deck staining project in the near future. Staining a wood deck is not easy work. The rails are not so bad. The banisters take a long time, but are mostly tedious. The deck, however, requires a lot of bending and stooping. I know, I could probably use a long handled roller, but I like to work the brush in between the deck boards. Just protecting the top of the boards seems to be wasted effort.

I could have bought more deck stain and simply covered over the path. This seemed more like a band aid than a solution. Getting rid of the dogs was not an option. What I needed was a longer-term solution. I knew that I was going to stain the whole deck and not just the worn areas. I did not like the idea of different shades, even though I chose the Navajo Red color again. What I needed was a way to make the deck stain more wear resistant this time.

I decided to apply a clear sealant coat over the deck stain. I went with Olympic WaterGuard. The clear sealant provided additional waterproof protection while adding an extra layer of wear protection against pet traffic. A gallon of Olympic WaterGuard clear sealant is not nearly as expensive as a gallon of Olympic Navajo Red deck stain. Another feature that I like about applying a clear sealant over a deck stain is it seals in the beauty. Rainy weather previously resulted in muddy paw prints that got ground into the deck. The clear sealant keeps the mud from being ground into the wood.

Olympic WaterGuard is a multi-surface clear sealant. It can also be applied to brick, concrete and stucco. Olympic WaterGuard also works to prevent mildew. Use this product in a well ventilated area. Any mist or vapor that is generated by a spraying application may be harmful if inhaled. I prefer to apply with a brush and then discard the brush when I am finished. While the container does have a cap that requires force to push down and turn when opening, it is still a great idea to keep the container out of the reach of children. Prevent skin and eye contact when using this product. The back label contains first aid instructions.

One tip to keep in mind is be generous when applying, make sure to apply enough product in one coat. Once Olympic WaterGuard dries to the touch, a second coat will bead into small puddles and will not be worth the effort. The clear coat will dry to the touch within 12 - 24 hours.