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Water Rower Classic Rowing Machine

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A friend of mine has this rower, and according to her it's the best one available. After trying it out, I completely agree, especially if we are talking about home use. First of all, this machine is very stylish, its frame is made of cherrywood. My friend has her rower in the living room, and it does not look out of place. It is not bulky and it does not take very much space.

When it comes to performance, WaterRower Classic gives the most natural rowing feel. It uses water for resistance: it has a water tank mounted onto the frame with rotating paddles inside, so when you pull on the handle and "row, " you actually make the paddles run in the water. You can adjust resistance by having more or less water in the tank: the fuller your tank, the harder it will be to row. I have tried a regular rowing machine at the gym, and I have to say that it does not even come close: WaterRower is so much smoother, plus you get the actual water splashing sound; close your eyes and pretend you're in a boat!

The padded seat slides back and forth as you row, so you get your legs exercised as well in addition to arms, shoulders, abs and back. The rower has a monitor with all kinds of features that make your workout more fun. One of my favorites is setting a certain distance, say 2 miles, and then row and watch it go down to zero; when you are done you can see your statistics - time, speed, number of strokes, etc.

WaterRower Classic is not cheap, it costs a little under $1, 500, but I hope I'll be able to buy one someday!