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Waxing Never Again!

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msculit By msculit on
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I didn't know what I was into when I purchased Veet Wax Strips for legs. I normally do not shave because I prefer leaving what nature has intended. But like the adage, "curiosity killed the cat, " my legs got in trouble when I applied the wax strips one fine weekend, 6 months ago.

I remember calling several friends for their opinion and experience and some of them vouch for this product so I bought one. I followed the instructions by heart, did what was indicated on the pouch and slapped the stips on my legs and pulled as how it was told in the instruction.

It has been 6 months now and my hair is now like small stubbles growing "under" my skin. Some of them grew but the others remained like "ingrown hair!" For crying out loud!!! Now, I cannot wear shorts nor skirts because my legs look weird. Some has smooth patches of "hairless skin" and other parts have normal hair growth. I also developed small, brownish circular patches like freckles which I didn't have before the waxing incident.

I even did a skin test before doing the main waxing and tested negative.

Anyway, I am not blaming Veet for the loss of my beautiful leg hair (hahahaha...I miss some of them though....) but rather, I shouldn't have allowed that curiosity get the better of me.

In fairness to Veet, it did leave my skin smooth - LONGER THAN USUAL... OR PERMANENT...ON SOME PARTS....hahaha.