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We Don't Need Aluminum To Smell Our Best!

Reviewing: Adidas (For Women) Extra Absorption, With Cotton Tech+  |  Rating:
a-w-omyn By a-w-omyn on
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I hate the fact that most anti-perspirants include aluminum among their ingredients. It blocks the pores under the arms, and isn't all-together healthy or natural. So, I was excited to find this brand of deoderant at the 99 cent only store.

It uses cotton (in whatever way they've been able to manipulate it in a lab) to absorb body odor, and is completely aluminum free.

They had a limited number of fragrances at the 99 cent store, so I'm not sure if they have an unscented version, which I would have preferred. Nevertheless, it gets the job done, better than it's aluminum counterparts, in my opinion.

Since using this stuff, I haven't had any problems with body odor, and I haven't had any of those nasty reactions to aluminum under my arms that I used to have with the other deoderants I've tried.