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We Love Katamari

Reviewing: Namco We Love Katamari  |  Rating:
By lordkevin on
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We Love Katamari is the sequel to the sleeperhit Katamari Damacy, the point of the game is to roll a ball, called a katamari, around to collect objects to make it big as the mission wants it to be.Of course there is a time limit to add some difficulty.

My first experience with the game was a bit unexpected, I originally thought it was a adventure game, I was pleasantly surprised.The game is incredibly well done, the graphics while not stunning were nice and smooth, the game ran without lag most of time(it only lagged when there is a lot of objects on the screen at once).

The game's soundtrack is just amazing, in fact its one of main reason why I like this game so much.The music is very catchy, sometime you might catch your self humming the tune of one of the game's many songs.

The game while fun, will get repetitive, the missions are very similiar to each other(roll ball to a big size).

We Love Katamari, is a great game even with its faults and shouldn't be missed, the game is one of a kind, you will never play a similar game to it EVER!