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We Love Katamari: Cooperative Mode Review

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reny By reny on
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My family and I are huge fans of Katamari. When Katamari Damacy (first of its series) came out it had no cooperative mode. We felt a little disappointed that we couldn't roll that big sticky ball together.

Finally, with the second release, We Love Katamari, we are able to do just that. However, let me warn you the cooperative mode with We Love Katamari will bring new challenges to height.

I do applaud the new and improved practice tutorial. Unlike Katamari Damacy, there is a practice area where you can use the ball to pick-up items, rather than just rolling it around in an empty area. This has helped us conquer the cooperative play. Together you and your partner are given the change to "work together" before your start your levels.

Gameplay can be difficult with the cooperative mode. You are both in control of the ball. Communication is a must! If you are both not controlling the ball correctly you might find yourself stuck or going the wrong way. This is the ultimate challenge and its really ..really fun!

I will say I am not entirely impressed with the new menu layout. The main menu is called "The Meadow". Basically it's like an interactive map. You are required to go to a person to enter new levels. There are other interactive icons installed, I will not say which. Don't want to give out any spoilers!

Overall, We Love Katamari is another HUGE HIT. There are new scenes to discover and new challenges. If you are unable to communicate with a partner and don't have the patience with them - I would not recommend the cooperative mode in this game. Controllers, yelling, and possible head bashing might occur. Rather play the game alone or just compete with each other in Katamari Damacy instead.