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By robatticus on
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Wii Sports is a companion disk to the the Nintendo Wii. It includes several mini-games like: Wii Golf, Wii Bowling, Wii Tennis, Wii Boxing, and Wii Baseball. These games can be played with 1 to 4 players who can compete head-to-head or on teams.

The player uses the motion-sensor on the Wiimote (the controller with the Wii) to simulate the actions of each sport. For example, in Wii Bowling, the player must use the Wiimote like it's a bowling ball and twist the remote as they make the throwing motion to apply spin to the ball.

Each game lasts about ten minutes, but it has a ton of replay value. Your character gains skill points in each sport as they win and set records. Play against more experienced friends and beat them, and your experience points will rocket up! The game also tracks your best games so you're always playing against your best scores.

After your done with the mini-games, you can also test your overall health by playing a series of mini-games made to test your coordination, strength accuracy, and agility. Based on your results, the game gives you an approximate "physical" age. Plus, the practice modes for all the mini-sports include more challenges that you can share with your friends and compete for top scores. This is definitely a party game, and one that should be shared with many people.

This game is short and definitely not a full-length game like Call of Duty, Zelda, Mario, or many other games out. However, it's a great thing to play with your friends and at parties. Anyone can play, and everyone will want to!