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We Walked With The Dinosaurs!

Reviewing: Creature Production Company Based Of Bbc Tv Series "Walking With Dinosaurs The Live Experience"  |  Rating:
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My husband first heard about this show at his work and we vowed then and there to take our son (hiding of course our secret desire to go too), luckily due to a generous Aunt (Thank you Auntie K.) we were given tickets for Christmas - we were on our way, we couldn't wait for January 1rst to come.

It is to put it mildly a spectacular event!

For those of you who haven't already heard the hype it is a educational, yet entertaining and fascinating show about Dinosaurs and their rule of the earth come to life with life-sized puppets (actual humans inside the puppet) and animatronics up to 36 feet high and 56 feet long -- yes your heard me right animatronics as tall as a 3 story building.

The animatronics and puppets alike were so life-like that it actually passed fascinating and headed over into scary territory at times ( the roar of the Tyrannosaurus Rex sent chills down my spine.) and the audience was packed with kids who clung to mom and dad at times, ours included.

The show consisted of 15 different dinosaurs, most of whose names I couldn't pronounce but all of which I certainly remember because of the life like textures and attention to detail that were paid to them, right down to giving some of them a quirky, cute personality (little baby t-rex has an attitude.)

With a quick 20 minute intermission you're given a second to catch your breath and review all the amazing things that you've seen just to start holding it in again as the road to the finale begins because you know the best is still yet to come.

The show of course has plenty of souvenirs to purchase but be warned it's not cheap, even the program was $20 (although still worth it in my opinion if you want just that one reminder to take home), we opted for the t-shirt for the boy though and $25 bucks later he couldn't be happier.

The good news is all the seats are perfect ones; there really isn't a bad seat in the house. We were on the terrace level and in my opinion it was the perfect distance, the lower level was closer and the animatronics did tower over them so I could see the fun in that too, but up high it was all on display at all times. They do have two large screens on either side of the toothy stage to help out but I hardly ever found myself looking at it preferring the live version instead.

I would like to suggest that there is an age appropriateness for this show, it's not graphic but it can get a little intense for a young child who doesn't understand a meat - eating dinosaur is going to eat other dinosaurs, the poor little girl behind us started crying when the newly born baby dinosaur, just hatched from it's egg, got gobbled up by a carnivore looking for a meal.

Flash photography is not allowed, although you wouldn't have known it from the number of flashes constantly going off all through the show.

All in all two thumbs up our son loved it, we loved it!

You can check on their website if you are one of the cities it will be hitting on its nationwide tour and regular ticket prices, for those who don't have an Auntie K., are between $60 for lower level to $40 for terrace (again I remind you terrace seats were great too).

So if you've got a dinosaur fan living with you - do it...Walk with the Dinosaurs! You won't be sorry you did.