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Wear Ever Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookware

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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After years of using the same old, beat up pots and pans I finally got some new cookware. This time I didn't fool with the cheap stuff. Although, I guess to some of you this might still seem "cheap" considering some of the prices out there but to me, it was finally some good, solid, cookware. I bought a set of WareEver Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookware. The first thing that was obvious was the weight. This cookware is heavy and thick bottomed. It is also non-stick. It also has silicone covered handles that are oven proof up to 350 degrees. The weight and thickness make for a good, durable pot/pan and once it heats up it holds the heat evenly. It does take a few more minutes to heat up then, say, a regular Teflon pan might but once it heats up it holds the heat evenly and long. This means that you can lower the setting on the heat element and still keep the food cooking at a steady heat. Of course, who doesn't like a non-stick surface. You do have to "season" the pans with oil but once you do that you shouldn't have to do it again. The silicone handles are nice because if you have a dish cooking in a pan on top of the stove and want to brown the top in the oven before serving you simply have to place the pan in the oven. Of course you will need to keep in mind the heat limits for the handles. Overall I really like these pots and pans. Did I mention they have glass lids? I would recommend this cookware to anyone who is looking for a good, sturdy, durable affordable cookware.

Update On Jun 08, 2010: Still loving my cookware. The handles get very hot in the oven, even below the recommended max temp. but I simply wrap them in foil and that solves the problem.