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Weather Alerts And Accurate Prediction

Reviewing: Oregon Scientific Emergengy Public Alert Radio With Weather Station  |  Rating:
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I recently got this weather radio/station for Christmas. The actual radio is detachable and comes with a holster and wrist string. The batteries are rechargable and charge by sitting on the base. The base contains an atomic clock (which also acts as an alarm clock) and a weather station with temperature and humidity readings for both inside and outside using the outdoor sensor.

The radio takes a bit of setup to to get it to only alert you to emergencies in your county. Reading the instruction manual is not any help on this at all, but there is an included quick start guide that is helpful in setting up the radio with all the details. As I typically grab the actual manual first as opposed to a quick start guide, this was a little frustrating for me at first. The handheld radio also contains a clock that synchronyzes itself with the base. The radio has three alert setting. The first is "Always On", in which case the radio always broadcasts the NOAA forecast info. This mode can quickly drain down the batteries. The second mode is "Standby" in which case the radio is silent until there is an emergency alert. The final mode is "Silent Standby" in which case the radio only displays a message during an emergency alert. Every Wednesday there is a broadcasted test which can be used to make sure the radio is working. The test was very loud, so you're guaranteed to hear it. I can hear the sirens on mine throughout the house, though not the specific message, but it will display it on the screen so you can still see the alert if you missed it.

A handy feature of this radio is the travel mode. Set the radio to this mode when traveling and it will automatically connect to the closest signal. This doesn't always guarantee the correct signal, but it's better than nothing. The radio also cames with a holster and wrist strap to carry it with. This radio, however, only plays the NOAA channel. It does not support playing other AM/FM stations.

Aside from the radio, there is the weather station. The outdoor sensor is unlike other temperature sensors I've seen. It not only transmits the info to station, it also displays the temperature, humidity, and time on a small display screen. The station also displays this info as well as a picture displaying what the station thinks the weather will be like within the next 12-24 hours. The picture is not necessarily what the weather currently is. The manual claims 70-75% accuracy, but so far, mine hasn't been wrong.