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Weatherbug Latest Weather On Your Desktop

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Weatherbug is one of my favorite software programs. I have used it for several years and have been most pleased with it.

Weatherbug is a weather (yeah, big surprise!) program that sits on your desktop giving you the latest weather updates, as long as you are online.

It is a very easy download.

Once it is downloaded you put in your zip code and select the closest weather site to you. These weather sites do change frequently so do check it every once in a while to see if there is one available closer to your home. We have one that is just down the street from us, however it is a school site that is shut down during the summer months… No worries though as when a site is not functioning, for whatever reason, Weatherbug automatically switches you over to the next closest site. Once the site that you selected is back up and running you should be automatically switched back.

On the face of the Weatherbug screen you will see the date, time, current temperature to the nearest 10th of a degree, Wind Chill, Humidity, Dew Point, High/Low temperature for the day, Rain total, Wind Gust in both direction and MPH and limited forecast for the day and the following two days.

This is actually a LOT of information! Usually this is the only information that I need…. But I also often check the weekly forecast, which is very accurate. My local weather station actually uses the Weatherbug in its forecasts.

At this point you might be wondering why this program is called a bug… There is actually a little ladybug looking creature that sits in your taskbar that chirps when there is an important weather alert. The weather alerts can be anything from frost warnings to thunder storms to more serious weather such as hurricane tornado and flood watches and warnings. When you click on the chirping, blinking bug in your task bar you will be brought to the alert page with all of the important information that you will need to know for your area.

Another important part of the Weatherbug for me is the Pollen Forecast. When I click into check the air quality for pollution and pollen I can view what the air quality level is. The pollen forecast will not only break down how much pollen is in the air but also what the predominant pollen is. I took a snapshot for you to see that shows a high pollen air quality of 10.10 (out of 12) with a predominant pollen of Birch, Maple and Cedar/Juniper. This can be most helpful when planning outdoor activities for those with sensitivities or allergies.

Other functions worth mentioning is the viewing of travel weather, radar & maps and live cameras across the country. Some of the cameras have absolutely beautiful scenery. My enjoyment of them go far beyond weather…

I highly recommend this software!

This is a Windows platform only.