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Webber Naturals Sa Me 50 Tablets

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I was taking SAMe tablets purchased through GNC but for 30 tablets I was paying the same price that I paid for this particular brand, yet with this one I have 20 additional tablets.

SAMe is a natural solution to taking costly, side effect riddled medications and as an aid to reducing the osteoarthritis pain I experience in my right knee due to a long ago canoing accident, I've found that this particular brand is doing a pretty good job of keeping my knee almost pain free.

The bottle indicates that SAMe 200mg tablets are effective for osteoarthritis, depression and cholestasis (the situation where bile cannot flow from the liver, a problem sometimes found during pregnancy). For Osteoarthritis 1-3 tablets twice a day is recommended and for depression 1-4 tablets twice a day is suggested. As I'm taking this for my osteoarthritis I've been taking 2 tablets but only once per day and I've found that it does indeed make a difference.

We've been having weather changes here and normally as soon as the weather is about to change drastically (from cold to warm, wet to dry etc) my knee is my internal barometer and I usually know a day or two before the change that it is coming as my knee will throb, stiffen up and become swollen. The pain can be extremely difficult to deal with particular since I hate taking pain medications because they usually tend to make me groggy.

With the SAMe tablets I've been free of pain for the past week and weather changes have been drastic and frequent yet my knee has tolerated it very well. I've also noticed however; that I was feeling my Fibromyalgia acting up - usually winter is difficult for me as I end up in pain from head to toe and the fatigue that accompanies it is sometimes difficult to overcome and I end up doing more sleeping than almost anything else.

The past week I've had more energy but although I'd love to say that my Fibromyalgia hasn't bothered me, that isn't the case. It's still very much in evidence but I believe that the SAMe has helped with the fatigue somewhat and I'm not feeling quite as dragged out as I had been feeling.

These tablets are very easy to take and aren't overly large to make them difficult to swallow. I usually drink a glass of water with them, even though they are enteric coated and I keep them in a cool, dry, dark place so the pills don't break down due to exposure to light. For $29.99/50 tablets this is an exceptional buy and is far cheaper than any medication my Doctor has prescribed for me for this particular problem. Of course he has been telling me to purchase SAMe for a few years now but it wasn't until this year that I actually listened to him. Now however; I'll be a regular purchaser of them because they do seem to have made a difference where my knee is concerned.

I usually react to medications but I've not had any problems with the SAMe at all - well, perhaps maybe just one - I seem to be unable to fall asleep easily lately but I think my insomnia has decided to pay me a visit ;) Overall, a pretty good product worth investing in.