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Weed Eater Power Blower 2540

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The Weed Eater Power Blower 2540 blows the heck out of grass and leaves! If you would rather vacuum, it comes with an attachment and backpack type bag to get the job done fast.

Using this blower is quite easy. All you do is plug it in, turn it on high or low, and go. The job is easier if you have a long extension cord or strategically placed outlets. We use a 100-foot and 25-foot together to get our driveway completely blown without hassle.

The Power Blower 2540 has two power settings, high or low. The blower nozzle is angled for directional blowing. The leaf vacuum attachment is quite large with an angled cut diameter of about 8 inches. So you can suck up a lot of leaves at once.

The unit itself is extremely lightweight, at less than 6 pounds, when blowing. It's a little heaver with the vacuum attachment--especially when you start filling the leaf bag. Switching between blowing and vacuuming is pretty easy and does not require tools.

For blowing off decks, driveways, or sidewalks you can't beat this Weed Eater Power Blower. I like having two speed selections. I use the high setting to blow hard surfaces. The low setting works well for building leaf piles to be vacuumed up.

When you use the vacuum attachment, the leaves are sucked up, mulched, and dispensed into the leaf bag. The mulch is pretty fine so it works well for compost piles or redistribution to our yard. We don't usually bag the mulch. However if we do, it takes about two vacuuming sessions to fill a 33-gallon trash bag.

We've been using this blower for several seasons. Weed Eater did a good job with this on durability and power. I'm sure we'll get many more seasons out of it. For what it cost and does, we'll go for the same brand again.