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Weetabix Minibix Chocolate Chip Cereal

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SR really needs to add a food category!

I was given this cereal by a friend to try, so im not sure where it was purchased, i think maybe at Superstore or Giant Tiger as those are her two fave places to shop for groceries, i have to find out, i really like this cereal as does my dad!

The cereal is made of whole grain wheat with semi sweet chocolate chips baked right into the little wheat bix, the chocolate chips are real chocolate, not the artificial wax-like chocolate, the chocolate is dark so at least you will get a little bit of the antioxidants and heart healthy good stuff. The little pieces of chocolate in this cereal is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, at least it does mine!

1 cup of cereal without milk has 44g of carbs, 5g of fibre, 5g protein, 3g fat, and 200 calories. For those on low carb diets you subtract the fibre from the carbs to get your total carb count, so 44g carbs - 5g fibre = 39g carbs are in 1 cup of this cereal before milk is added. That makes this a low carb/fat and high protein and fibre cereal to keep you full until lunch time!

Both my dad and i pigged out over this little box of cereal, we wished it came in a bigger box, we ate it by the hanfulls all day not bothering to put it in a bowl with milk, we finished off the box in one day! My dad has a small appetite, so this is unheard of from him to ever pig out on anything, that is how yummy this cereal is, we are going to have to stock up on a few boxes!!