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Weight Watchers At Home

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By janna on
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First off let me tell you that I was about 50 lbs. overweight when I started Weight Watchers. I had tried a few diets in the past but I found them to be too restrictive. For an example try the South Beach Diet. Now I know that the SBD has worked for many people but for me their food choices were far too limited. I couldn't get past a week on the SBD. I'm a picky eater you see. I needed a diet that let me eat what I wanted (within reason of course). I had thought about Weight Watchers in the past but didn't like the idea of having to weigh in every week in front of strangers. I am a firm believer of why pay to be humiliated in front of others when I can do it for free at home every day. But I visited the Weight Watchers website anyway and found a product called Weight Watchers at home.

With Weight Watchers At Home you follow the WW plan but you do it from the comfort of your own home. You buy a kit from them and then you're off on your weight loss journey. The kit contained several instruction booklets and recommended points per day, a calculator for counting points, a notebook to record your daily food intake, two books with food/restaurant points, a pedometer, and a subscription to their monthly magazine. My favorite part of the kit was the calculator. The formula for calculating points is already programmed into it. For legal reasons I can't reprint the formula but if you look hard enough you can find it out there on the web. The calculator made everything so simple to take care of. In fact I didn't even use the notebook for writing down my daily intake. The calculator recorded it for me.

Most people know that Weight Watchers is based on a point system. That is every food has a point. Depending on fat and fiber those points might go up and down. At 176 lbs. I was allotted 22 lbs a day (about 1100-1200 calories) plus 35 weekly flex points. This all broke down to about 1400 calories a day. Also if you exercise you can exchange your exercise for points. So the more you exercise the more that you can eat.

The best thing about Weight Watchers is that you can eat whatever you want. If you want to eat chips all day you can but you have to take the points for it. What Weight Watchers taught me was if I made better food choices I got to eat more food. There were days while I was on this diet that I thought "I can't eat one more thing". But you have to eat your recommended points otherwise your body goes into starvation mode and then your weight loss will stall. I was on Weight Watchers for 4 months. The first month I lost 20 lbs. even. The second month it was ten and so on. By the fours month I had dropped 50 lbs. Now I must tell you that I seldom used my flex points (I just couldn't eat that much) and never did I exchange exercise for points (my only exercise was walking five miles a day although I wish I had added weight lifting to the mix). I even gave myself one meal a month to eat whatever I wanted. I also ate three Hershey Kisses a day (and I didn't count their points). I've been able to keep the weight off for over a year.

So if you are looking for a great diet program I suggest Weight Watchers at Home. If you follow the diet you won't be disappointed. All you have to lose is the extra weight.